Details of Youth Program

Details of the LDS Youth Program:


We meet 5-10 times with each youth client. 1 of more of these sessions takes place with parent(s) present. During these sessions, we teach a powerful system that brings hope, understanding, and a foundation for healing; incorporating todays best therapeutic techniques with gospel principles. This is not just a class or program clients graduate from, but a system of change that clients can take and use for a lifetime! Parents learn the same language of recovery their teen learns.


Run by professionally licensed therapists. The youth learn how to communicate and implement a system of sobriety while being held accountable and creating a powerful camaraderie with peers. In our experience, group attendance for about 6 months is one of the single greatest indicators of those who maintain long-term sobriety.

Parents Group

Parents consistently approach us asking, “What can I do? How should I parent, discipline, react, and communicate when my teenage son or daughter approaches me?” Healthy family systems and structure can be paramount in facilitating growth and healing to teenage addicts. A common concern plaguing the therapeutic community is that many teens go through a program or system and then return to a stagnant environment and unchanged family system, often resulting in recurring and sometimes greater addictive relapse. We empower parents to make progress and change for the better alongside their teen, creating open communication and a team approach, often resulting in a closer family relationships than before counseling. We hold parents group education 2x per month.


Youth Counseling Services are affordable! A fraction of the cost of residential treatment.

Our goal is to empower each client with a system and confidence they can use for a lifetime, creating self-regulation without long-term or drawn out therapy.

We will do an initial evaluation session ($250) with each youth client to determine needs, which may take up to 2hrs.

We base acceptance on willingness to commit to the treatment process and a desire to try.

Typical clients will have 5-10 individual/family sessions followed by 6 months of group.

If group is available, youth will attend group weekly and parents attend parents group at least monthly.

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For $250, I would like to schedule an evaluation for my child, which includes a counseling session, a treatment manual and a book about understanding addiction.

Understanding Pornography Addiction and How the Atonement and Recovery Work Together