“Real repentance, real change may require repeated attempts but there is something refining and holy in such striving.” - Elder Christofferson

We are helping Latter-day Saints struggling with pornography addiction and we want to help you.

There are many Latter-day Saints that need help but do not know where to turn or do not have the funds to commit towards recovery. We provide many resources for members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, their spouses and loved ones. Below are many free resources that you can take advantage of:

Free Help for LDS Members w/ a Pornography Addiction:

Pornography Addiction Videos

Pornography Addiction Blog

Free Downloads for Latter-day Saints:

Daily Planning Sheet

Master Future Picture Statement

Name Your Emotions Sheet

10 Commandments of Relapse

Rocking Chair Assignment

Letter to Addict

Moral Inventory

Things I Can and Cannot Control


Understanding Pornography Addiction and How the Atonement and Recovery Work Together